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The Illustrators of ROBERT E. HOWARD - WEIRD TALES - Installment 3 - Hugh Rankin

Hugh Rankin was introduced as the new interior artist for Weird Tales in July 1927. Rankin did his first illustration of a Robert E. Howard story in the March 1928 issue. The story was "The Hyena." At one point, Howard stated that Rankin was his personal favorite of all the artists that illustrated his work in Weird Tales.
He also signed some of his work with the name Doak.

Those illustrations were done in a style different from his familiar one. Unfortunately, a lot of the work Rankin did for Weird Tales was so poorly reproduced that his abilities were not always apparent.
Rankin continued to work for Weird Tales until the mid-thirties.

Rankin's second Howard illustration was for "Red Shadows," the first Solomon Kane story, in the August 1920 issue. This was followed by his illustration for the Howard poem, "The Harp of Alfred," which was featured in the September 1928 issue.

Rankin's other Howard illustrations were for:

"Skulls in the Stars" January 1929

"The Shadow Kingdom" August 1929

"Skull-Face" Part One October 1929

"The Hills of the Dead" August 1930

"Kings of the Night" November 1930

"Rogues in the House" January 1934

"The Valley of the Worm"
February 1934

"Shadows in the Moonlight"
April 1934

"Queen of the Black Coast"
May 1934

"The Devil In Iron"
August 1934

"The People of the Black Circle"
Part One September 1934

"The People of the Black Circle"
Part Two October 1934

"The People of the Black Circle"
Part Three November 1934

"A Witch Shall Be Born"
December 1934

"Beyond the Black River" Part One
May 1935

"Beyond the Black River" Part Two
June 1935

As "Doak"

"Rattle of Bones" June 1929

"The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune"
September 1929

"Skull-Face" Part Two
November 1929

"Skull-Face" Part Three
December 1929

"The Moon of Skulls" Part One
June 1930

"The Moon of Skulls" Part Two
July 1930

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