Saturday, July 1, 2017

Blog Coma

I haven't posted to this blog in years, and I am surprised it is still here.  This blog is on a free hosting site. I always used the template that came with the blog tools, and never really learned how to have more control over that.  I was a lazy blogger.
My last Robert E. Howard project appeared more than six years ago.  I have started several projects, but life has been slowing me down a bit lately and I have drifted to other interests.  I have a new periodical coming out soon, called ILLUSTRATING ROBERT E. HOWARD.  The first issue will be available in black and white and color editions. There are two issues planned.
I am also doing the tedious production chores for TARZAN THE GERMAN EATER, which I hope to have out by Christmas, from Old Tiger Press.
This post is just to test to see if I can figure out which buttons to push.  If this works, maybe I'll bring this blog back to life for a while and learn how to use blog software as a social weapon.